Vector-Borne Disease Screening by Brook Farm Veterinary Center

Vector-Borne Disease Screening

Together, we can be the best defense against diseases carried by ticks and mosquitoes. 
Don't be fooled by the size of ticks - even these small bugs can cause big problems for your pet. Because ticks feed on blood, they can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis. In this course, we discuss these diseases, their impact, and tips to help protect your pet from these dangerous pests.

What's included?

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Your Pet's Test
What was my pet screened for?
The SNAP 4DX Plus Test
SNAP Test Technology
Why is testing necessary?
Ticks: What You Need to Know
Ticks Come in All Sizes
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Ticks Feed on Mammals
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The Tick Lifecycle
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How Ticks Find Their Host
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How Ticks Spread Disease
The ABCs of Ticks
Types of Ticks
Understanding Parasitic Diseases
Tick-Borne Disease Essentials
Lyme Disease
Signs of Lyme Disease
Signs of Anaplasmosis
Signs of Ehrlichiosis
Heartworm Disease
The Heartworm Lifecycle
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Signs of Heartworm Disease
Parasitic Diseases and Humans
Prognosis of Parasitic Diseases
Myths vs. Facts About Ticks
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Flea and Tick Control
Creating a Tick-Free Zone
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Checking for Ticks at Home
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Heartworm Prevention
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